Outreach Foundation

Our Mission is to preserve and maintain the South Corinth campus in order to improve the quality of life in South Corinth, as well as the entire community.

Our Vision is to help educate the total community socially, intellectually and culturally while developing values that are essential for a successful community.

Dear Friend,

On behalf of the Easom Outreach Foundation and its Board of Directors, I would like to welcome you to the newly constructed website. You are invited and encouraged to browse the site and learn more about the organization and its programs. The primary goal of the Foundation is to enrich the lives of the citizens of Corinth, Alcorn County and the surrounding areas, by maintaining a safe and accessible facility that houses and hosts programming that is both beneficial and enjoyable.

Your involvement in support of the Foundation’s mission is paramount to its success. Opportunities to engage in this important work include, but are not limited to, volunteering for current and established operating programs, joining and participating in the events of the planning team, and utilizing the facility as a venue for private or community events sponsored by local churches or other organizations.

You may also make a tax deductible contribution in support of the Foundation. The Easom Outreach Foundation is a 501 c 3 community based service organization that allows for tax deductible donations under the IRS Code.

Please "like" us on FaceBook, tell your friends and family about the Foundation, its activities and visit this site often for the most current information. We look forward to your participation and support.





Samuel Crayton, Jr.




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